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Qingdao Kebek Tyre Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of passenger car tyres (PCR) , truck and bus tyres (TBR) and off the road tire (OTR).


   Qingdao Kebek Tyre Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of passenger car tyres (PCR) and truck and bus tyres (TBR). With 8 advanced production lines, its annual capacity is up to 4 million for PCR tyres and 1.5 million pieces/sets for TBR tyres. Besides, it also provides off the road tyres, agricultural tyres, industrial tyres and motorcycle tyres as per customers' needs.

   Reliable quality, competitive price plus superior service has made Qingdao Kebek Tyre Co., Ltd. customers' first choice supplier. We have an R&D team of more than 50 technicians in testing raw materials and developing new products. Distinctively, we can offer OEM service for private brands and provide marketing materials.
Our tyres have passed all kinds of strict quality certification testings

Product Advantage

Safe: high wet grip grade ensures a short braking distance and low aquaplaning probability
Comfortable: unique pattern design absorbs road vibration and reduces noise
Economic: the use of silicone efficiently decrease rolling resistance.
Green: lower noise and lower oil consumption leads to less carbon emission to environment

Long working life: our tyres are tested to run 200,000-300,000 kilometers on paved roads.
Strong carcass: the tyres can be retreaded for twice after the original tread is worn out.
Superior quality: our tyres have passed international quality certifications like DOT, ECE, LABEL, GCC, NOM, SONCAP, etc.
Good service: quick delivery within 15 days, flexible payment terms and OEM branding are available.

Wide size range: from 8" to 38" suitable for all kinds of off thr road equipment
Multiple patterns: can be used for different farm types, like dry land, paddy field, forest land, etc.
Endurable lifetime: the tread life is up to three years.
Low MOQ: the minimum order quantity is only a few pieces per size
Free OEM: there is no extra charge for private brand.

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