1. Steer Radial Truck Tyre
    [ Pattern:   766 ]


    • truck tire with the most popular pattern in all sizes of tubeless tire sizes range,we win the market by high quality, good balance and cheap price

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More Warranty:Truck tire with 80,000KM,and car tire with 50,000KM

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•Your 100% satisfaction
• Satisfy your needs
•The best shipping
• Give you a competitive price
• Deal with complaints in 24 hours
• Support outreach programs and brand development
• Provide technical training on products
• Honesty foolproof

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Our company has engaged in tire industry for ten years. Everything you want to know about tire,
such as maintenance, installing, marketing and so on, you can inquire us.
It’s our pleasure to help you with our experience.

Sales Director    Shirley Song
Our sales director Shirley Song has engaged in the tire industry for more than ten years.
Her clients distribute around the world and they all value highly of her.
You can inquire her when the sales can’t answer you. It’s surely that she can give you a
satisfied answer.Her email is manager@chinakebektire.com

Sales Selina
Selina is familiar with the market of the Europe, Africa, North and South America.
She can use English masterly, so it’s surely that you can contact with her perfect.
She is glad to tell you anything you want to know. You can contact with her in below way.

Sales Elaine
Elaine has a passion for her work. She is familiar with all kinds of tires.
She is pleasure to request your any questions about tires.
Contact with her by the following way.

Sales Amy
Amy has a good command of  English.
She is familiar with tires and has nice characters.
Amy is energetic and honesty. She likes to help others. So don’t hesitate to contact with her when you need.

Sales Tina
Tina has a deep affection for tires. She likes to help you find your appropriate tires.
So don’t hesitate to contact with her when you need help.

Sales Lisa
Lisa speaks English frequently.She is rich in experience about Africa market.
Contact with her decisive when you need help.

Q: How is our company?
A:1.Our equipment is provided by famous brands like VMI, Fischer, KOKUSAI, etc.
2.Our major machines from Germany, steel cord from Italy, natural rubber from
Malaysia,engineer team from Hankook, strictly restrict in every process.
3.Our technical team are cooperating with YOKOHAMA engineers.
4.Our workers have over 10 years of experience. They keep good timing which
is essential during tire production.


Q:Why choose our  tire
A:1.our tire is best in quality------- tire tread are with good design, ribs are strong,
rubber are best selected from Malaysia, we have soft and hard compoundfor your choice,
our tires all have quality warranty.

2.Our tires are strictly controlled by each process, we only sell calss A quality tire.

3.We put efforts on long terms cooperation, first order, we will need your cooperation

to do in normal payment terms,we have very flexible payment terms up to 90 days


4.We protect your market and profit, we will put only one client in one area to avoid

bad competition.


Q: What is our favorable payment term?
A: Payment for long terms cooperation of good reputation partners:
We have sino insurance for our vip clients, we can offer O/A 60 days after we are familiar
with each other.We are looking for partnership for long terms.

Q:What is the difference between our tire structure and others?

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