1. MONTBLANC Winter Car Tire
    [ Pattern:   Montblanc ]


    • winter car tire with special design with studs, suit to ice and snow road, soft compound and strong carcass gurantee your safety in any conditions

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MONTBLANC Pattern Characteristics:

1) SUV tire wth M+Spattern, intersecting main groves design provides good evacuaton  

2) Good to drive in wet and tough road

3)V-saped groove desgn enhances the rigidity of the tread pattern to reduce uneven tread wear under high load. Wide center ribs improves steering performance and driving stabiliy

4) Deep and densse grooves hel shorten brang distance on slippery surface

5) An optimied high perfrmance pattern suitable for SUV, wi an excellent endurance & low noise on various types of roads.


Technical datas:

Size LI&SS Load capacity (kg) Pressure (kpa) Section width (mm) Overall diameter (mm)
P225/65R17 100T 800 300 228 724
P215/70R17 100T 800 300 221 734
P235/45R20  100H 800 350 236 720
225/60R17 XL 103H 875 303 226 706
235/65R17 XL 108H 1000 303 234 739
225/45R17 XL 94H 670 350 225 634
235/60R18 XL 107H 975 303 226 739
235/50R18 XL 97H 730 300 245 693
225/45R18 XL 95H 690 340 225 659
215/70R16 100T 800 300 221 708
225/50R17 XL 98H 750 340 233 658
215/55R17 XL 98H 750 352 229 671
Company introduce

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Kebek tire are with DOT, ECE certificates. We will get CCC certificates in year of 2014, we can get any certificates as per clients' wishes as our tire can past any kind of relatives test. With the times past, I am sure you will regard quality as your first choice also, we are there waiting for you to be your good partners. Kebek tires are green tires, Please join us to keep our harmonious society and away from air polution by dealing of only qualified tires. We all need your hands.