Why kebek Clients Choose Us

Apr 23, 2016

It is great experience of Bauma tire show in Germany


The clients are well organized and full knowledgable , they select tires by price plus quality. It is great honor to receive a purchase manager Mr Luigi from a big tire dealer of Italy, he drive 4 hours and no rest no food just to see us and explain how important of the quality. He is working for Pirelli tire since 1981 and he moved to this GOMME in 2014 and he choose our tire to start with great experience and successful, he give me the reason of why our tires are better than others with the measurement of hardness, we are 68-72 but others are 64-66, this means if other tires can work 150000 Km, our tires life is 200000km, and suppose other Chinese tire price is usd130, but our price is usd135, concern the life and price together,  the cost will be 135/200000 which are much cheaper than others 130/150000. This way their end user get benefit and everybody are happy. 

As we all know, lots of Chinese tires try all the way to low the cost and we all know that even double coin close their Shanghai factory because of high cost and low price in the market. In this special time it is amazing to know that it is important to keep the good quality to struggle for a long time. let's join hands to keep our clients happy!